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Potato Chips Making Plant / Machine

Established and trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Potato Chips Making Machines from Mumbai, India

We manufacture these potato chips making machines at cost-effective prices with best quality stainless steel to serve small scale enterprises and young entrepreneurs.

At Blaze Machinery, we make all machineries which are used to manufacture potato chips. These machines are made from high-grade stainless steel for the highest performance. These machines are corrosion resistant which contributes to their durability. Easy to clean and use, these machines are an end-to-end solution to make finest potato chips.

To manufacture the perfect potato chips, the potatoes go through a lengthy process. From peeling to slicing to drying to frying to finally flavouring the chips, we have all machines available with us. The final product can be also customised, using some amendments in the machines. We make these customisations according to our client's needs to suit their requirements. This makes us the one-stop-shop to procure all machines necessary to make potato chips.

The Machineries which are used for making Potato Chips Making Plant / Machine are :

Explaining the process of manufacturing these chips in detail:

Process of Manufacturing Potato Chips
What you need: Potato (raw material)
Take 1.15 SG fresh potatoes
Weight in the range of 150 – 250 g
Sugar density should be less than 1%
Fresh potatoes stay longest when stored in a cool, dry and dark area with good ventilation
Ideal temperature range for storage areas: 5-10° C
Send potatoes into production line
Control the feeding speed and check the quality of potatoes
A manual and thorough wash of the potatoes to remove all dust particles
Adjust the quantity and put cleaned potatoes into peeler
Peeler will peel the skin of the potatoes
Inspection – Get the quality of peeled potatoes in the container checked by the production team
Slicing – Put the peeled potatoes in the hand push potato cutting machine. Adjust thickness of for the slices.
Available thickness - 1.2 - 2.0 mm
Washing - Wash the starch of the potato chips in warm water in order to prevent dark fried potato chips
Frying - Fry potato chips manually in the oil fryer. This is an Indian style fryer
Oil draining and Cooling – Use the stainless steel (SS) tray
Flavouring – Use the flavouring machine to add flavour to the fried chips
Computerized Weighing – Weigh the final product, flavoured chips, for packing Packing - Depends on buyer's requirement of packing quality. Done using an auto-packing machine
Selling - Packaged chips are ready to be sold in the market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The potatoes should be specially grown, bigger in size and should not be sweet in taste.
The ratio is 3:1. For e.g. - 100 kg of potatoes give around 32 kg of chips
If you take 10 kg of sliced potato, it would take around 4 min to fry the chips.
If potatoes are exposed to too much air or they're fried extra, it changes colour.
1,000 ltr of fresh water
Compared to a diesel or gas fryer, wood fryer saves 55% of fuel

Technical Parameters And Relevant Services

1. Output per machine: 100kg/hr per shift production, Capacity 300 – 400 kg
2. Connecting material: Stainless steel
3. Packing and transportation charges extra
4. MVAT 12.5% Extra.
5. Motor voltage/Frequency (3 phase): 415V / 50Hz
6. Workers required: 3-4
7. Warranty: Minimum 1 year from the date of completion of the commissioning
8. Installation and commissioning extra
9. Payment terms - 50% advance, remaining 50% before delivery
10. Delivery period - 3 to 4 weeks
11. Above quotation is valid for only 30 days only
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